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So, That Last Show Went Something, Something

First off, we did some Tees, that’s t-shirts for those in the know, which I believe stands for Tyrannosaurus Shirt. Not sure I ever really understood that one. Anyway, we had a few and we were giving ’em out at the last show. Dang they went fast! Seemed to be quite the hit. Almost as if people like free stuff, whether they like the music or not? Yeah, weird right?

Anyway again, we played seven songs this time. The same four from the last show, minus the rickroll, plus three brand new songs, original songs, not Brand New covers mind you. I continue to have issues remembering lyrics and such, plus we, that’s my brother and I, had only practiced together for less than a week before the show. Not to mention I was still finishing up the lyrics. Ope, looks like I did mention it.

Hope all that were there enjoyed it. Hope all that weren’t there are there next time. I’m talking to you single ladies! Also, a big vague, general thanks to all the other bands involved and everyone that made it possible.

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All You Need Are Drums…

…to something, something. It’s official, we’ve got drums! And not just a machine, although they are pretty good. We’ve got an actual, live, human drummer. The difference is that a human can make decisions and mistakes, horrible mistakes, and a machine can only do what it’s programmed to do and nothing more. Well, at least until they become self aware and rise up to destroy us all.

So, anyway, it’s my brother. The drummer, not the self aware machine coming to destroy us. He’s old and married so we don’t really expect too much. He just has to show up, sit around, and hit stuff. I’d say that’s a pretty sweet gig. So, well, welcome him to the band. Oh, and his name is Jeremy!

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And Then There Were Two

Good news fans! Number1Dime just doubled in size, from 1 to 2. We will not subsequently be changing the name to Number2Dime however, I’m guessing you can work out why.

So, anyway, I got a new band mate. Name’s Jamin, and he’ll be playing second guitar. He is a former rock legend and an excellent yin to my yang, chocolate to my peanut butter, ben to my jerry, or something like that.

Peace out yo!

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Ready to Rock!

Hey there cool cats and kittens out in internet land. It’s been a long time coming to get this site up and running. Hopefully this will motivate me to post with some kind of frequency.

Anyway, this is the official site for Number1Dime. Thanks for caring. New audio music for listening coming soon!

Here’s a demo of the song “Save the Whales” to tide you over until the real meat’s ready.

Save the Whales (Demo with Drums)

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