From humble small town beginnings to the big time, Number1Dime has had it all. The girls, the glamor, the fame and fortune. It started with an undetermined number of the closest friends. They were inseparable, until the day they separated. Number1Dime has had the highest highs and lowest lows any band can stand. It’s made them stronger, smarter, and stronger again. Fortifying a friendship that many seek and only few attain. The kind of friendship that cities are built on.

It all started with a girl. The most specialest girl in the world. And of course she was a super hottie. Never in the history of time has there existed a girl as special as this. You may think you’ve known a girl that was special, but you’re stupid if you think that girl you know is even in the realm of specialness that this girl was in. Yes, she was special. Then, one day she died, or left, never to be heard from again in any case. The band cried tears of feelings. They were never the same, but in many ways they were better. Because they lived on, and so did there music.

The music has influenced such music as everything and anything. Music that moves the soul, crosses lines, bleeds the edge, bends genres, and rips a big, fat, juicy one in your musical heart. Some want to be the music, some want to hold the music, some just want to let it free. It catches the airwaves and sets fire to small villages. It has helped bridge nationalities and repair family divides. This music says what you need to say and says it again and again, until you’re so sick of it that you love it and it owns a special, tiny, dark corner of your heart. You love this music and it loves you back.

That is who Number1Dime is.