First off, we did some Tees, that’s t-shirts for those in the know, which I believe stands for Tyrannosaurus Shirt. Not sure I ever really understood that one. Anyway, we had a few and we were giving ’em out at the last show. Dang they went fast! Seemed to be quite the hit. Almost as if people like free stuff, whether they like the music or not? Yeah, weird right?

Anyway again, we played seven songs this time. The same four from the last show, minus the rickroll, plus three brand new songs, original songs, not Brand New covers mind you. I continue to have issues remembering lyrics and such, plus we, that’s my brother and I, had only practiced together for less than a week before the show. Not to mention I was still finishing up the lyrics. Ope, looks like I did mention it.

Hope all that were there enjoyed it. Hope all that weren’t there are there next time. I’m talking to you single ladies! Also, a big vague, general thanks to all the other bands involved and everyone that made it possible.

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